Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you didn’t spend all of new years day chundering into a bucket, which my sister did, poor thing. A new year means new possibilities and a fresh start, so even if you did have a less than awesome new years, it’s not too late.

I’ve decided to do something with my life this year and start a blog. I briefly dabbled in blogging with my sister and friend last year but that quickly ended. It was fun though. The purpose of this blog is mostly word vomit. I figure I might actually keep up with a blog if I have an audience that is more than just me (I’m probably wrong). Also, sometimes the weirdest things happen to me and it might amuse a passerby who happens to stumble upon my blog after getting sucked into the vortex that is the internet. I may also use this blog as a way to keep track of my own journey on the internet (maybe that’s interesting?). Practicing writing is always a good reason to publish on the internet, write? (hehe) First things first.

Things to know about me:
I’m passionate about stories, culture, and people, which has led me to move toward a career as a high school English teacher (That goal has hit a major road block, but that’s a story for later). I like sharing and learning about the culture of others through stories and believe this helps us learn about ourselves and our culture as well. (I’m a book nerd.
I’m graduating from college this year, and like all other seniors on the edge of adulthood I’m freaking out. The beautiful and perfectly planned career path I made has just been thrown out of the window, at least for now. What joy is mine. At least I have a job for the summer. I guess we’ll both see how that pans out.
I believe in God, so please understand that I will talk about Him on this blog (Don’t drink that haterade). Being a Jesus-follower is a constant struggle against my own stubbornness and self-destructive tendencies. If we had to ride a bus to get to heaven, I would be on the struggle bus.

It’s hard to sum me up in a bullet point list, but there’s something to start you off with. At least the obligatory “welcome to my blog” post is over. Yay! What did you do for New Years Eve/Day? I want to know!



One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Keep up the blogging! I’ve gone through phases in and out of blogging, and I’m always happy when I return. Just by reading a few posts, you have a great natural writing voice! And I’m of the opinion that word vomiting is always the best and that it’s always a good day to word vomit…ha, I have a tendency to do that a lot. But I’ll always be a word vomit advocate. :)
    And before I finish this very long comment, to answer your question at the end, I celebrated with friends on New Years Eve, and went for a run along the river on New Year’s Day!

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