Winter Term First Impressions

Darn you WordPress! You deleted my post and now I have to recreate it in a lesser form. Oh well…


My school has a Winter Term every January that allows students to take one class every day for three hours. To sit in a small desk and listen to the slow ramblings of a professor is a unique form of torture. But it’s almost the end of the first week and it gets easier every day. Today we talked about Nazi book burnings during WWII. Oh yeah, I’m taking a Banned Books course.

On the first day of class, we went around the room and made introductions. We were supposed to say our name, major, year, and a “memorable fact”. I hate thinking of fun or memorable facts for intros! How am I supposed to know what’s fun to everyone else? Probably not the best moment to mention that I like Lord of the Rings or playing board games. It sort of turned into a boasting session anyway. Most of my classmates told us their sports team made “all-state” or something like that during high school. All I could think was, “Really? You haven’t done anything more interesting since then?” One girl proudly proclaimed that she worked with a Nascar driver over the summer and knows “a lot” about cars. “I even know how to change my own oil” she said. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud.

My turn was coming up and I still didn’t know what my memorable fact would be. I usually say something like, “I’m half Indian,” but that didn’t seem very fun compared to working with Senator mustache face in Pennsylvania. I ended up creating a memorable fact instead. As I was trying to wiggle out of the smallest desk in the universe, I knocked over my large cup of water, which rolled off my desk and broke, spilling water all over the carpet. Instead of catching it like a normal person, I just kept saying “oh my god” and fumbled after the cup. “This would happen to me” and “Is my life a movie?” were my first thoughts as my classmate handed me the empty styrofoam cup. I stood up and realized that everyone was still staring at me waiting for my introduction. “Well, I’m clumsy” I said and everyone laughed. I quickly said the rest of my intro and sat down with my feet resting in a puddle of water.

I’m so awkward. The ice was broken (literally) and since then I’ve sort of made one new friend (which I’m not happy about). As you can read, I’m really good at making positive first impressions. When have you made an especially good or bad first impression? Tell me about it in the comments section! : )


PS: As you read this post, I want you to imagine me sitting in a college classroom flailing my arms about every 5-10 minutes to get the motion-sensor lights to turn back on. It looks like I’m doing really bad yoga in a dark room.


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