Working Hard and Hardly Working

This past week has been productive and fun, a rare combination. I visited Charlotte for the first time since the spring last weekend! It was really nice to see home again; I only wish I could have seen my friends as well!

Oh! By the way, I got a job! It’s nothing fancy, just a barista position at a local Starbucks, but I really like my manager. I’ve only worked a few days doing online training and coffee tastings. I have to admit I’m really bad at coffee tasting. Without cream and sugar it just tastes like dirt, but of course I can’t say that to my manager so I’m making stuff up and guessing. Hopefully, I’ll get better at tasting the more subtle flavors of dirt in the coffees. I have to open tomorrow, which means an early morning. I will be up before the sun. Yayyyyy…

Last night, Sarah and I met some of her work friends at Natty Greene’s Brewery in Downtown Raleigh. It was really fun getting to know some of her friends. The beer was good too! I got the wildflower beer which was a lighter beer with citrus hints. We went for Thirsty Thursday though so there was a really long wait and lots of college babies around. haha

I just sent out my requests for letters of recommendation for graduate school. I’m slowly making progress on my list of steps to achieve greatness. I also took a practice GRE…at night…with no preparation at all so I could see where I am. My scores were actually somewhat expected; really good in verbal reasoning and really bad in quantitative reasoning. I’m definitely going to study the math portion extensively before taking the actual test in a few weeks.

Wish me luck!


A Long Expected Engagement Party

This past weekend, I helped host my sister and her fiancé’s engagement party. It was a lot of work to say the least, but I had so much fun!!! I can’t help but show off for you all since most of the décor I made myself or with the help of my family. Enjoy the pics!


We used my mother’s engagement sari as a tablecloth, protected by a plastic tablecloth on top. I think it went well with the centerpieces. We bought vases and mason jars from the Habitat for Humanity Restore and spray painted the bottoms gold. Then we used small tea cups and fresh flowers to complete the look.


I made the banner by cutting 5×8” letters out of magazine paper then pasting them onto black cardstock for added strength. I laminated them to make them water proof and then taped them onto twine. I used mini clothes pins as fasteners too!


I bought wooden letters from Michaels and glued torn book pages onto them to make these initials of the couple. The ampersand I spray painted with leftover gold paint. This was our drink table outside before moving the party inside because of weather.


I printed these photos at Walmart for less than $10 and strung them up with more twine and mini clothes pins. It was so easy!


Sarah and I made strawberry mini cupcakes by adding fresh chopped strawberries to a yellow cupcake mix. Then we made cream cheese frosting and topped them with these cute toothpick toppers, again homemade!


We bought some balloons from Party City and made tricolor bundles for a walkway as an entrance to the party. We thought the trellis was the best place to enter the backyard.


We may not have been able to eat outside, but we were able to use the lights as a beautiful photo backdrop!

s'mores 1497703_10152773922049467_362015328020234790_n

No backyard party is complete without a bonfire and s’mores! : )


Sarah’s friends!

Me giving a toast, my first ever.

This party helped me realize just how much I enjoy party planning and hosting. I hope everyone had fun! Special thanks to our friend and fixture, Quoc, for taking photos! ; )

Bonus pic: Gigi being weird.


Multiple people told me this weekend I should be an event planner. I do love design and spending money, especially other people’s money. What do you think? :)