Fat objectification: Fetishism

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Happy Bodies

I think when we think about objectification in tends to be about women who fit a defined norm of what it means to be beautiful. I’m not going to claim that larger women are more objectified, but I wanted to point out some specific forms of objectification those deemed “fat” face. More on fat objectfication.

Fat Fetishists, Fat Admirers, Chubby Chasers, are all names given people who prefer larger bodies sexually. And there are all sorts of acronyms for those they are attracted to: BBW – Big Beautiful Women, BHM – Big Handosme Men, (you can SS or “Super-size” either”). And, of course, there are all sorts of derogatory terms on urban dictionary (No link for you). This terminology shows how sexual attraction to fat people is considered as part of the realm of kink and fetishism.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with kink and fetishism (as long…

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