Improving Myself Daily

“I mean never to be later in rising than six, and from that time till dinner I shall divide every moment between music and reading.” – Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

I didn’t get the FSU job, but I’m okay with it. The interview was nerve-racking because there were four people interviewing me, so I didn’t interview as strongly as I could have. They kept asking me how compassionate I was for the population I was going to work for. It surprised me because if I didn’t honestly care about minority students, why would I sign up to work with them? It’s not the pay, that’s for sure. Anyway, I’m not doing well following through on my decision to get a better job. I need new directions…or at least new connections to motivate me.

I’m making some progress on my goal to manage my money better. I’m trying to be hyper aware of my spending habits and where my money is going, but I have been overspending a bit. I’m taking a big step in the right direction soon though. I’m closing my joint account I share with my Mom. I’ve had this account since high school and while it does come in handy when I need money, I am really bad at discerning between times when I NEED money and times when I WANT money to get luxuries or food. I’m trying to plan more where my money goes to help me resist temptation to spend money unnecessarily. Cutting myself off from my Mother’s account will help me get rid of the safety net mindset I’ve had for so long. I really do enjoy shopping though. Darn you consumer society!

While hanging around on Pinterest, I found a blog about weight loss and found a link to a website for a program called Whole30. At first, I thought it was just trying to sell me something, but it’s actually a food detox for your body that helps you get rid of cravings for unhealthy food, regulate your appetite, and generally increase your health. They don’t sell you meals or shakes and it’s not a weight loss program; it’s a reboot for your body to relearn how to eat healthy food. The best part is all the information you need is available free online. They guarantee that it will change your life.

After talking with my sister, she and I have decided to start our Whole30 program on February 7th, the day after her birthday. I won’t say I’m not scared to swear off sugar, grains, legumes, alcohol, and dairy for 30 days; but they said planning is essential. The first two weeks are going to be brutal, filled with headaches, diarrhea, and emotional breakdowns; but then you experience a lasting energy boost, better sleep, and a healthier relationship with food. I told you self-discipline was an area of improvement for me. This is going to be crazy hard, but I’m excited. I’m reading the book that outlines their program in the meantime and starting to plan out meals. I’ll be conducting a self-experiment and documenting it all here starting February.

As far as my last goal is concerned, I am reading How to Read a Book. I won’t say much about it now, but I will post a response to it when I’m finished in a week or so. I’m thinking of adding a book or two to my reading list; The High Price of Materialism by Tim Kasser and It Starts with Food (the Whole30 book). I’m also going to find time to read my sister’s new comedy book Sidekick!



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