A Weekend to Remember

This past weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. It was my sister Sarah’s 25th birthday so everything we did was to celebrate! I decorated her door, bought her flowers, wine, and gift of course. We started that Friday with a plateful of French toast with blueberry compote and mimosas. After working out and getting dolled up, we went to the mall for manicures. It was so nice to relax! Since Nordstorm Rack is one of our favorite stores, we decided to go there next. We both found a pair of amazing shoes; mine are brown and black pointed flats. Fabulous. We also stopped by Ulta so Sarah could get her free birthday gift. Hello eye compact!

Dinner was at The Melting Pot in Raleigh. We came in with mixed feelings since none of us had ever been to a fondue restaurant before. We were absolutely horrified at the prices. The “food” (fancy cheese dip with veggies and bread) was good, especially the chocolate dessert fondue, but we felt a little weird afterwards, like we just had appetizers then left. I think I might go back for dessert one day, but definitely not for a meal.

Saturday evening was also really fun. We went to a Laotian restaurant called Bida Manda. It was absolutely fantastic! Everything, including the décor and service, was tasty and satisfying. I had the pork belly soup and it’s the only soup I want for the rest of my life. SO DELICIOUS. We also tried some fun cocktails. Seriously, if you live in Raleigh you NEED to go to this restaurant asap.

Like the party animals we are, we found a cool Asian-themed club called Zinda. They played a lot of dubstep remixes, but they were actually really good for dancing. After getting drinks and dancing for a while, a guy invited us into the VIP section. You heard me, VIP bitches!!!

Turns out it was a guy named John’s (Jean?) birthday too. He was really friendly and introduced us to all his friends. He wanted us to watch him dance a lot and told us he was a good dancer, which he was. Did I mention his green light up shoes? He was also celebrating his recent engagement. He had us read he and his fiancé’s story on his phone, and well, I don’t want to be mean but it seemed like they were moving a bit too fast. They said “I love you” to each other after knowing each other for only twelve hours. I don’t know how long they were dating afterwards, but I don’t imagine it to be for long. Again, I don’t know them, so maybe passing judgment on them is wrong, but come on, twelve hours!? They were really nice though, so we congratulated them.

The drama of the night happened right before we left. Apparently, the DJ’s booth was being bumped pretty roughly by some guy. After the third or fourth time, the DJ turned off the music and ran after the guy. The crowd was blocking our view so we couldn’t see if there were any punches being thrown or blood drawn, but it was pretty exciting anyway. I was kind of worried we were going to get sucked into a mob because everyone was really mad that the music had been turned off. Angry drunk people = mob.

Sunday was the complete opposite of Saturday, calm and relaxing. I knew we were starting our Whole30 that Monday, so I wanted to buy some organic vegetables and meat. We headed to the State Farmer’s Market with a grocery list filled with every vegetable under the sun. (First, we stopped for breakfast at the restaurant they have on site, also delicious!) I didn’t know where or how to start crossing thing off my list. I’ve never had to compare prices between vendors like that. Since I don’t exactly know how to pick the best/ripe/fresh fruit and vegetables yet, I was sort of experimenting and going with the flow. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I ended up enjoying it a lot! It’s such a different experience shopping in the open air then going to a standardized Walmart. I can go in and out of a Walmart without saying a word to anybody or making contact for that matter. But at the farmer’s market, you stop and ask the farmer about their produce and where they’re from. You can sometimes negotiate prices if you can tell something is going to go bad soon (although I’m not brave enough to do that yet). You can actually learn about where your food is coming from, which is a kind of relief after reading the Whole30 book, It Starts with Food. (Seriously, there’s a chapter in there like Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle). Most of all, you can develop a relationship with the farmer, butcher, etc. I don’t think anyone can say they have a “relationship” with Walmart. And knowing a story and source behind your food makes it much more satisfying in my opinion (though sometimes more expensive too). When I go back this weekend, I want to get Bison meat!

I’ll write more about my week soon. I’m at the end of day three of my Whole30 right now, so I am definitely feeling a change in my body. Stay tuned!



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