NC State HEA Recruitment Weekend 2015

This past weekend, I was chillin at NC State for their Higher Ed Administration Recruitment Weekend. Thursday afternoon found me wandering around the new senior apartments, student union, and ginormous campus. We took photos with the mascots, which was cute, although I’m extra shiny in mine since we’d just gotten back from the campus tour. During dinner we chatted with current students and professors and introduced ourselves. It was really awesome how quickly everyone became friends. There weren’t any clicks, people just talked and got to know each other all weekend. I can honestly say I didn’t meet anyone I didn’t like, or didn’t think I could be friends with. Towards the end of the program, we got sad that not all of us would be there in the fall. I did hear a lot of people say that NC State was in their top choices though, so maybe we will. :)

Walking through the Tunnel of Expression!

Walking through the Tunnel of Expression!

Friday was interview day, so we were all looking sharp and snazzy trying to get graduate assistantships. I only had three interviews (chosen with a mutual matching process). This stressed me out a lot because I thought we would have at least five or more, some people did anyway. My first interview was for a Housing Director position on NC State’s campus, which I think everyone interviewed for. I think it went really well because I was able to draw on my experience as Dean of Residence Life at Duke last summer. That craziness was worth it if it lands me this assistantship (it’s basically a free ride)! My second interview was for Duke Housing, but instead of a housing director I would basically be doing recruitment and hiring as well as managing their summer transition programs. I wouldn’t mind this assistantship, but the compensation is lousy. My third interview was also at Duke in their Center for Activities and Events. I believe I would be working with mostly students trying to start new programs/develop groups, etc. I mean, it’s a job, but again the compensation isn’t the best.

Friday was also when I had a chance to have an “academic discussion” with a faculty member; it was essentially an admissions interview. She asked me what my proudest moment of my undergrad career was and I talked about how I “crashed” my senior year and recovered from that failure to achieve the Dean’s list the semester I graduated. #likeaboss She also asked me why I wanted to attend NC State. That was easy. Two words: social justice. NC State is all about bringing in the social justice aspect of higher education, which is really important to me since I want to go into college access. They also teach with a focus on theory into practice, which is what the Elon School of Ed emphasized as well. Overall, I think my discussion went well; she nodded a lot and told me I had good answers. Yay!

photo (1)

That night I found out I didn’t have any second round interviews (for NC State or Duke) via formal rejection letters. Ouch. Not getting a second interview can mean one of two things; 1) I have already been chosen as a candidate for the assistantship, or 2) I have been placed on the waitlist or been rejected as a candidate for the assistantship in question. I was especially disappointed not to get a second interview for the NC State housing job. I have qualifications and skills coming out the wazoo here. What’s going on?! My brain, in an effort to protect itself from the pain of rejection, has been switching frequently between options 1 and 2. Of course, there is option 3, which is to find a completely different assistantship before school starts, but that leaves an even bigger question mark in the air and my brain doesn’t like that either.

Recruitment weekend ended after closing remarks Saturday morning. Rather anticlimactically, I went to work almost right afterwards. It was nice being around like-minded people my age for a while this weekend. I almost felt like my college-self again, the independent, work-oriented, intelligent Becky. Instead of my college-graduate-self, the dependent, focused on everyday maintenance, manual-labor-working Becky.

Let’s hope I hear a positive response from NC State in March!



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