New Years Goals Update

  1. Find a better job.

I haven’t found a permanent job in my career field yet, but to be honest, I haven’t been searching all that hard recently. Not because there aren’t jobs available that I want to apply for, but because I had trouble finding time to apply to them. With my sister’s wedding coming fast at the end of this month, I’m purposefully putting this goal aside for now to concentrate more on helping her out. I’m hoping to restart the job search process in August.


I did get a temporary job in July as a Program Assistant for Duke TIP in FLORIDA. (Yay traveling!) I know what you’re thinking, “Becky, your last summer job at Duke was a struggle. What are you doing!?” I don’t know what this position holds for me. I want to come in positive and hopeful, but it’s difficult to keep negative experiences I had with Summer Session in the past. This is an entirely different department and set of programs; there are new people involved and I think that will make the difference. I’m also holding a position that does not have as many overwhelming responsibilities. I know this position will have its own challenges, but it’s nice to be working for an established program instead of a startup. We’ll see what happens.

So, goal 1 is not entirely accomplished, but I did find a better store to work at. I don’t know if I mentioned before how awful my first Starbucks store was. I do not work well in environments with hovering, micro-managing supervisors and my previous manager was a textbook case. Three months into the job, I was still learning and getting accustomed to everything being a barista entailed. I wasn’t making progress fast enough for my manager. She decided that I wasn’t working out and cut my hours accordingly. It was at her suggestion that I first thought about transferring stores and, boy, am I glad I did. My new store is the complete opposite of my previous store. There’s no atmosphere of “We’re watching you because you may or may not be doing something wrong.” There’s no harmful gossip or whistleblowing. In fact, I genuinely like the people I’m working with every day, including my managers, and some of them are becoming real friends to me. So I may still be a barista, but I do have a better job in a sense now that I’m at the best Starbucks in Raleigh.

Last week, we had a cookout for everyone at work and many partners showed up and brought food. We sang a lot of group karaoke together and got a little too tipsy. Then we played Cards Against Humanity and called it a night. It was a great time and I can’t wait to do it again.