When A “Mentor” Doesn’t Actually Give A S#!7 About You: A Black Woman’s Experience

This blog post is so powerful! As a brown woman in graduate school, I identify so much with this author! Please read!


I have held on to this blog post for 7 months. I wanted to publish it in May, but I’ve received several complaints and concerns about what posting would mean for me, my career, and my colleagues. And while I do care about my future, in the words and spirit of my spiritual mother Audre Lorde, my silence won’t protect or save me. My silence is complicit.I don’t respect fear and I should speak about what I’ve experienced. Additionally, the current climate at my institution and the climate of higher education around the U.S. has motivated and encouraged me.

Writing is cathartic. It is freeing. I wanted to write this several times and never found the words. I worried about my writing being too long or too boring. I worried about stepping on toes. I worried about everything except how writing has always been a way for me to cope…

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