Life is Beautiful


Who is in charge of speeding up and slowing down time? Whoever it is, you’re fired, because the past two weeks have sped by in a moment. When I was a kid, I remember my parents telling me that time would pass faster the older you get; they weren’t kidding. I wonder why it’s so hard to slow down and make the most out of enjoying the moment.

I graduated 12 days ago. It was a beautiful day. So much happened that weekend, it’s hard to process! I just remember smiling so much it hurt. I wanted to stretch each second out like taffy, so it would last as long as possible. When I finally drove away and realized I didn’t have any excuse to go back, it was a bittersweet feeling. That day I felt invincible, because I had accomplished something really hard, something not many others get to do.

My invincibility didn’t last long though. My car didn’t care that I had to drive to Raleigh that day; it still blew a tire. It turned out to be a nail. It was Memorial weekend though, so I had to wait until Monday to get my tire patched. A small hiccup in the day’s festivities, but a sobering one for sure. The rest of the day I spent driving 50mph on the highway for more than two hours trying get everyone where they needed to be.

The next day, my parents renewed their marriage vows and we had a celebration at church. I woke up early, got out my nicest salwar kamez, and headed to the church with my family. In our usual fashion, we were more than 30 minutes late, but what can you do when your entire family is wired for Indian Standard Time? We ate a cake with one of my parents’ cheesy wedding photos printed on it, and hung out/took naps in the afternoon. That night, we headed to an impromptu dinner at The Pit in Raleigh.

On Monday, I said goodbye to my hilarious Uncle and Mississippi friends who travelled up for the weekend. I also traveled down to Charlotte in order to spend as much time with my sister before she left for home in Seattle. I dropped her off at the airport yesterday. I miss her so much already!

What I’ve written here is basically a summary of events that I’ve participated in over the past two weeks. What I haven’t written here are the crazy ups and downs, dramatic arguments, and frustrating obstacles that my family and I have worked through in this short amount of time. The marriage vow renewel ceremony was also a family renewel ceremony. My family has been apart for so long, and we are just beginning to be knit back together. I am getting used to having my Dad around, referring to his judgement, and receiving affection from him.  At times, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s a discomfort I welcome, because I know it is good. We’re all having to relearn how to trust, rely on, and be there for each other. I may have come from a broken home, but it is no longer broken; for that, I praise God.


Liebster Award


I’m so grateful to be considered as an up and coming blogger by my fellow writer Tessa Kohler and receive the Liebster Award. I got curious and did a little research into this award and found a post on Sopphey Says about its origins. Lieb means beloved or dearest in German. It is a peer-nominated award that is for blogs with less than 200 followers and works a little bit like chain mail. The earliest mention of the award she found is from 2010 by a German blogger.  There are no rules or judges, it’s basically an official way to tell someone they are awesome. Since I’m new to blogging, I don’t know enough bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate more, but I will update this post as I come across new blogs.

The only thing I have to do to “accept” this award is answer the questions that came with the nomination, so here it goes.

1. Why do you blog?
All artists desire to receive feedback for their work. I consider myself an artist in various occupations, as a musician, singer, and writer. I have been longing to expose myself to “the world” for a while and this blog seemed the most efficient way to do that. I’m not blogging because I feel I have special powers of expression, or anything to say that has not been said before, but because I have a message that I think people can relate to. Really, I just want my readers to know that they can find joy and happiness in a seemingly mundane and insignificant existence, and that they’re not alone in looking for an answer to the question I think we’re all asking each other constantly, “Do you know what I mean?” All humans want connection and understanding with others, and I think this is my phone call to the internet-world asking for a response to my “Hello?”

2. What is one of your favorite songs and why?
I changed this question to say “one of” my favorite songs because I have so many favorite songs and I’m constantly adding to the list. However, one song that comes to mind is from one of my favorite bands, Future of Forestry, and is called “Slow Your Breath Down”. I love this song not only because the lyrics remind me to slow down in God’s presence and breathe through the painful moments of life, but because it is musically interesting and beautiful. Listen to it below and let me know how much you like it! : )

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Passionate, Creative, Enthusiastic

4. Who is the one person that can always make you smile?
My sister, Sarah, is my best friend and confidant. She is also hilarious and can make me laugh just by giving me a look.

5. Describe your idea of a perfect day.
My perfect day is some variation of me getting to hang out with all my friends all day. We cook brunch and drink mimosas then watch movies and/or go shopping all day. We end the day at a classy lounge eating cheesecake and drinking cocktails we didn’t pay for.

6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
The Moon because it’s the freaking Moon and not many people have been there before. Also, Europe and India because I have family there.

7. Where do you find inspiration in life?
I find inspiration from my family and friends. Also, Leslie Knope is my inspiration for getting through challenges and obstacles in life. Her work ethic and enthusiasm is on point. I desire tore-center Christ as my daily and lifelong inspiration for everything I do (this is a long process).

8. If you could spend a day with one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Jesus, because He’s someone I’m trying to live like. It’d be cool to see Him in action, even for a day.

9. What would you like to be remembered for?
Helping people achieve their academic and personal growth potential.

10. Have you ever experienced a turning point in your life? If so, what caused it, and what have you learned from it?
I have experienced many turning points in my life. Usually my failure causes it, and I learn more about myself and how much I can’t do anything without total reliance on Christ. This is something I am constantly re-learning. I plan to blog about this most recent turning point that happened last semester soon.